NHS chief in warning over joint working

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A PARTNERSHIP involving NHS Lothian and other east of Scotland health boards has been criticised by local bosses.

The South East and Tayside (SEAT) organisation involves the boards working together on joint initiatives to improve patient care.

However, some health chiefs have raised concerns that NHS Lothian is putting a disproportionate amount of work into the scheme for very little in return.

As part of the partnership, other boards such as Fife and Borders have to be kept up-to-date on projects such as the new Sick Kids hospital and an eating disorder unit at St John’s Hospital in Livingston.

But NHS Lothian vice- chairman and employee director Eddie Egan has questioned its use.

He said: “I’ve seen things that have taken forever and a day to discuss with SEAT and nothing ever comes of it.

“We have to have a debate as to the work we put into this.”