Nurse suspended after letting girl give medication

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A NURSE who allowed a 15-year-old girl to give medication to an elderly veteran has been suspended.

Emee Lou Ilano, who worked at the Erskine Edinburgh Care Home, let volunteer Amy Reid administer the drugs through a tube which goes through the skin into the stomach.

Ilano also let the same volunteer give another resident drugs “in tablet form” on October 4, 2011.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) hearing in London last week said Ms Ilano’s conduct was 

She admitted two charges of letting the volunteer, who had no nursing experience, administer the medication.

Miss Reid had been a 
volunteer for some months at the Gilmerton home and 
had asked Ms Ilano if she could observe her medication 

The volunteer said Ms Ilano asked her if she would like to try administering the drug to one resident through the stomach tube. Miss Ilano also let the volunteer administer medication to a female resident in 
tablet form.

Saying the charges amounted to “serious misconduct”, panel chair Tim Skelton said her actions were “deplorable to fellow professionals particularly in light of the fact that [Miss Reid] was not an adult, had no nursing qualifications, was not a student nurse and was only in the home in the capacity of a volunteer”.

Ms Ilano, who now lives and works in Australia, was suspended for six months by the panel. Her representative told the hearing she apologised for her actions.

Veterans’ charity Erskine said Ms Ilano, who worked for an agency, was removed from the care home when the claims first came to light.

The Erskine Edinburgh home was opened in 2002 by Princess Anne and provides care for 88 residents. It is run by Erskine and cares for men and women with dementia, Alzheimer’s and physical 

An Erskine spokeswoman said: “We responded very quickly as soon as we saw something was awry. We’ve got a very, very high standard when it comes to clinical 

“It’s definitely not the case to have volunteers of any age are involved in clinical care.”