‘Pentland Hill
revelations too
late for mum’

Agnes Nisbet was an Alzheimer's sufferer. Picture: contributed
Agnes Nisbet was an Alzheimer's sufferer. Picture: contributed
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Care home ‘lied to family’ over patient injuries

A care worker at the Bupa-run home faced an assault charge following an incident in 2009 in which Agnes Nisbet, then 82, was left with a
possible breaks to her nose and finger, black eyes, bruising to her head and arm and a split lip.

The care worker was later cleared of the charges after pleading not guilty and claiming she had acted in self defence.

However, Mrs Nisbet’s family said they had initially been lied to about the attack – and police had not been called until the next day.

Her daughter, Kate Miller, has said her father Arthur, now 89, was called late at night and told his wife had suffered a “nose bleed”.

Ms Miller believes she would never known about the incident had the family not taken such an active involvement in their mother’s treatment.

The 64-year-old, from Balerno, said she was not surprised by a string of revelation about the home, which was shut to admissions following a damning Care Inspectorate report, while police are investigating four deaths.

“They said mum had a nose bleed, which shows at that stage they were not being honest,” she said. “The place was run on agency workers. If they didn’t have enough staff, my mother wouldn’t be taken to the toilet.

“Bupa should not be running care homes.”

Mrs Nisbet, who had Alzheimer’s disease and lived at Pentland Hill for three-and-a-half years, died in April 2010 aged 83. It meant she could not give evidence at trial, in February 2011, when the care worker was cleared of any wrong-doing.

Ms Miller also said a previous complaint concerning rough treatment of her mother had also been swept under the carpet.

When she flagged it up to the Care Inspectorate a year later, after learning the worker she had complained about had become subject to a separate investigation, she says she was told there was no record of it.

Vivienne Birch, director of partnerships, Bupa Care Services, said: “We believe in being open and honest, and always report incidents to relevant authorities, so we learn from any incidents and do everything we can to try to stop them happening again.”

Shut to new admissions as police investigate deaths

PENTLAND Hill nursing home shut to new admissions in August, following a damning report from the Care Inspectorate.

The watchdog highlighted a series of concerns, including over nutrition, a lack of stimulation for residents and staffing.

Police have confirmed that they are investigating four deaths at the facility.

The Care Inspectorate is currently investigating four separate complaints at the home.

A formal improvement notice was issued to Bupa by the Care Inspectorate. Last week, two home residents were taken to hospital with head injuries after falls.