Savings plan adds £7m to NHS pockets

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A SAVINGS scheme launched five years ago by NHS Lothian has provided the organisation with a £7 million boost.

Lean in Lothian was introduced to show department heads and managers ways in which they could run their departments more efficiently.

Now, five years on, figures have been released showing exactly how much of an impact it has made.

The report also revealed that hundreds of health board workers have undergone training to reduce the amount wasted.

It is an initiative that has raised eyebrows, with health chiefs from all over Europe visiting to find out more.

The five-year point arrives at a time when NHS Lothian is having to make £50m worth of savings, in addition to the £30m cut last year. By March, 2000 people will have left.

Health board member Robin Burley said: “I think this is a time where we should really be celebrating this project.”