Sickening effects of “NekNomination” drinking craze

Keiren Hunter was shamed online by his mum. Pic: Deadline News
Keiren Hunter was shamed online by his mum. Pic: Deadline News
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A HORRIFIED mother has posted a photo of her vomit-soaked son on the internet to deter youngsters from playing a controversial drinking game.

Nicki Hunter, from Prestonpans, found 19-year-old Keiren passed out on the sofa after drinking three bottles of spirits for a “NekNomination” dare.

At first, she feared he might be dying and placed him in the recovery position – before posting the picture of him comatose and covered in sick online.

Within just a few hours, the snap had been shared on Facebook 57,000 times.

Accompanying the photo, Nicki, 40, wrote: “Please share folks. I don’t want another parent to walk into this scene or god forbid something worse, no matter what age your child is.

“Keiren, you actually drank nearly three bottles of spirits – vodka, whisky, Southern Comfort, Bacardi and sherry – you could have killed yourself.

“Especially when your body’s not used to it. That’s why you’re getting abuse and paying for a professional cleaner to clean my settee.”

Keiren had accepted a dare to film himself downing a mixture of vodka, whisky, bourbon, rum and sherry – topped off with Irn Bru.

His mum said: “I had seen pictures of kids all over Facebook drinking and doing stupid things and I wanted to show them what can happen when you play this game – and I wanted to embarrass Keiren so he wouldn’t do it again.

“When I came home and I saw Keiren in that state I thought, this could have been worse – if I had been five minutes later he might have chocked on his own vomit.”

NekNomination – which has taken social media by storm – has been linked to the deaths of two drinkers in England.

Branded “irresponsible beyond belief” by alcohol campaigners, it involves participants filming themselves downing a pint of mixed booze in one go – before nominating two more people to do the same.

Keiren said: “I’ve learned my lesson – my mum did the right thing. She just wanted to raise awareness of why people should stop this nonsense on Facebook.

“I’m still recovering from my hangover today.

“My friends have been taking the micky out of me about the picture, I can’t believe how many times it’s been shared – people down in England have seen it.”

Nicki’s warning comes after a man challenged to take part in the craze downed a large alcoholic drink in one go before jumping in to a freezing Dunbar harbour.

And in one example filmed at the top of Arthur’s Seat – and uploaded to YouTube – a naked man downed a potentially dangerous cocktail including cider, whisky and beer.

Another alleged example at Edinburgh University saw a student gatecrash a lecture to down a pint of spirits in front of shocked onlookers.

A police spokesman said: “Police Scotland is aware of the current NekNomination trend. We would always advise people to stay in control of their drinking and remember that you are more vulnerable when you drink alcohol.

“We would also advise people to stay away from these types of games as taking part in any ‘dare’, especially when there is alcohol involved, risks accident and serious injury.”