The Beauty Spot: Blame it on Beckham

David Beckham. Picture: Getty
David Beckham. Picture: Getty
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BLAME it on Beckham – thanks to his dedication to his appearance, there has been a watershed when it comes to male grooming.

Now, even bastions of former “real men”, as they’ve been dubbed, are embracing their inner metrosexual.

Take Shane Warne. Since hanging up his whites, the former cricketer is a slimmed down, sleeker and more polished version. He uses moisturiser, his teeth are sparkling white and his skin smooth and glowing. These days, it seems men using skincare is just the norm.

Of course, male grooming isn’t for everyone. But if you’re looking to release your inner metrosexual and don’t know where to start, don’t despair. Here are some handy hints for men, perfect for getting them fresh faced and ready for Father’s Fay, or indeed as last-minute Father’s Day gifts.

Keep your skin sparkling clean with a daily cleansing routine. Try using a facewash morning and night. Kiehl’s excellent and affordable Facial Fuel range includes the energizing facewash. Take time and massage onto skin.

And don’t forget to cleanse the neck too, so work from the neck upwards and outwards. If you’re short on time, try a two-in-one like Clarins Men exfoliating cleanser.

And rinse with cool water to preserve collagen production.

Exfoliating is a key skincare stage. It gets rid of dead skin cells, tackles ingrown hairs and softens any facial hair. And it only has to be done once to twice a week to get the best results.

Try Neal’s Yard’s revitalising face scrub from its NYR Men range. It’s 82 per cent organic so suitable for those with sensitive skin. Do this before shaving to prepare skin, and for the optimum effect. Depending on the product, mix with a little water or apply to a wet face then rub lightly in circular motion to cheeks, forehead and neck, avoiding the delicate eye area. The tissue around the eyes is thin. So look after it and avoid anything abrasive.

Shaving can lead to dry skin, and the products and razors used will depend on your hair type. If you find skin burns after shaving, try softening beard hair and apply a pre-shave oil before your usual shaving product. Origins Easy-Slider pre-shave oil, for instance, includes sesame oil and organic jojoba. This lubricates the face and gives a smoother, friction-free shave, cutting down on nicks. And if you suffer from red, itchy or irritated skin, invest in an after-shave balm in addition to your moisturiser.

After skincare get rid of any shine whether than be on the face, head or bald spots. Smashbox’s Photo Matte Anti Shine mattifies skin without drying it out.

And for those looking to tackle fine or thinning hair, there’s a new generation of hair products out there like the Invati range by Aveda.

If you’re suffering from dark circles, fine lines or eye bags, then try using an eye gel. Clinique’s award-winning anti-fatigue cooling eye gel from the Skin Supplies For Men range is a lightweight serum which quickly soaks into skin reducing wrinkles and puffiness.

Apply morning and night, pressing and rolling gently under the eye going from the inner corner to outer. This will help lymphatic drainage.

And invest in a moisturiser. There are different textures, so whether you pick a gel or balm is up to you, although balms are ideal for dry skin whereas gels are more lightweight.

There are plenty of affordable brands on the market including the best-selling Maca Root range by The Body Shop. Depending on skin texture, use a 10p size and apply with fingertips after exfoliating and cleansing.

And finally, when it comes to skincare, don’t forget to use sun protection.

Although there are moisturisers with built-in sun protection factor, where possible, use a separate product. These give stronger, more durable coverage.

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