Trucker sheds seven stone in health drive

Ian Reid shed seven stone in 19 months. Picture: Scottish Slimmers
Ian Reid shed seven stone in 19 months. Picture: Scottish Slimmers
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TOO many greasy spoon fry-ups and hours sitting behind the wheel of his lorry left chubby trucker Ian Reid carrying an excess load.

He piled on the pounds, until he eventually tipped the scales at nearly 21-and-a-half stones.

But now long-distance lorry driver Ian has dumped his unwanted extra cargo, swapped greasy fry-ups for healthy carrot sticks and fruit and slimmed down to a fraction of the man he used to be. He has shed more than seven stones in just 19 months and helped “cure” his asthma at the same time.

He said: “I had slight asthma when I was heavy, now it’s gone away as a result of slimming down.

“These days I am the only bloke at the truck stop eating carrot sticks when everyone else is having a cheeseburger.”

Ian, 50, of Sighthill Drive, decided to change his lifestyle after unflattering photographs taken when at his biggest revealed just how much weight he’d piled on.

“It hit me that I was that big,” he recalled. “I thought I would have to do something about it if I wanted to be around long enough to see my grandchildren grow up.

“I’m registered disabled because of an old army injury to my ankle and I knew my weight wasn’t helping.”

Ian and wife Diane, also 50, who works with special needs children at Oaklands School in Ferry Road, both joined a Scottish Slimmers class in Carricknowe.

Within weeks they had both transformed their diet – even though son Jamie, 20, is a top chef and often serves up delicious calorific meals.

Ian was slim and fit when he joined the army 30 years ago. But he broke his ankle and ended up spending two years in plaster before retiring from service. Because he wasn’t able to do any exercise, the weight began to creep on.

“I used to spend £20 to £30 a week on chocolate and sweets to eat while driving.

“But now I eat properly, I eat breakfast, have a packed lunch and if I’m hungry I eat a low-calorie homemade soup.”

Since losing weight Ian’s had his kilt taken in 12 inches and he’s scrapped his old ghillie shirt for a smaller size.

Diane lost a stone, dropping from a size 16 to size 12.

Now Ian avoids the greasy spoon cafes as he travels the country for Livingston-based waste management specialists WasteCare.

And he now has more energy to play with grandchildren Ellie Louise, seven, and Kieryn, two.

“I want to be around to see them grow up and enjoy them.”

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• Swap chocolate and sweet snacks for carrot sticks and tomatoes.

• Avoid the greasy cafe fry-ups and take a healthy packed lunch to work.

• Always have a low-calorie pot of soup at home to snack on after work. He recommends butternut squash and coconut soup.

• On a night out, swap pints of lager or beer for lower-calorie spirits and diet mixers.

• Ditch large plates and big portions for smaller sizes.

• Enjoy a night out or restaurant meal, but balance it with healthy eating at other times.