Young mum to battle drug addiction

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A YOUNG mum who gave birth at 12 today told how she plans to go into rehab for the sake of her daughter.

Tressa Middleton, 18, of Bathgate, told how she ended up using £400 of heroin a day and now hopes to get clean, it was reported today.

The teenager fell pregnant at 11 and was forced to give up her child for adoption.

Today she was reported as saying: “I was injecting heroin nine or ten times a day, at the same time as smoking it constantly. I would take it to forget everything.

“The hardest bit about coming off heroin is that you have to face up to things. I can cope with the physical withdrawal symptoms but I find it hard to cope with my past now.”

Tressa plans to go into rehab next month at Glasgow’s Phoenix Futures project, where she will start a year-long detox and recovery programme, it was reported today.

Recovering addicts work on breaking the cycle of behaviour which led them to drug-taking.

Tressa added: “I cry every single day for my daughter. I think I’m just starting to realise that I had my chances with her and I failed her.”