Hearts fan ambushes Pat Fenlon and Rod Petrie in ultimate 5-1 picture

PRANK: Mark Ross takes the mickey with the blissfully unaware Rod Petrie, left, and Pat Fenlon
PRANK: Mark Ross takes the mickey with the blissfully unaware Rod Petrie, left, and Pat Fenlon
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IT’S the taunting hand gesture that’s become synonymous with footballing one-upmanship.

Following Hibs’ capitulation to their city rivals in the Scottish Cup final, a new sport has seemingly arose from the fall-out: 5-1 baiting.

From Babestation presenters to Jambo police constables, there has been almost no escape from the cruel public jibes of the Hearts support who have so far sneaked the hand gesture into live TV broadcasts, newspapers and even holiday snaps at the Arctic Circle. But now one cheeky fan appears to have done the double – after being pictured flashing the offending scoreline behind the backs of Hibs boss Pat Fenlon and club chairman Rod Petrie.

The images of Mark Ross’ audacious stunt have been seen around the world, with a sports writer in Chile even retweeting it to his followers.

The finance manager and Tynecastle season ticket holder grabbed his chance to dupe the pair while eating Christmas dinner with colleagues at Hotel Du Vin in Bristo Place.

“I turned up and as soon as I sat down at the table I realised about four feet away at the next table were the Hibs chairman, manager, and another guy I didn’t recognise,” he said.

“After a few drinks and a glass of red wine I felt I just had to seize the opportunity.

“I tweeted (to my pals) that they were on the next table and that I was tempted to do a 5-1. I was probably putting pressure on myself and then I had to deliver.

“I didn’t disturb them during the meal and it was only when they were leaving that I said ‘Pat, any chance of a picture?’

“I had a wee chat with them and they had no idea I was Hearts fans. I got a friend to take the picture and did the 5-1 behind them.

“They were friendly, smiling faces, though I’m sure they won’t be like that when they see the picture.”

The mickey-taking picture was retweeted more than 100 times in just 20 minutes on Twitter.

A thread on Hearts fans forum Jambos Kickback – boasting pictures of celebrities, athletes and fans doing the hand gesture – has hailed Mark’s picture as the best so far.

One poster said: “Fenlon and Petrie?! The greatest yet by some distance!!!”, while another said “. . . best one yet surely from this guy”.

Prankster Mark said the “good banter” was revenge for digs he’s had to endure from Hibby pals about the state of Hearts’ finances.

“I have a lot of Hibs- supporting friends and over the last few weeks with them knocking Hearts out of the Cup, I received a couple of homemade Christmas cards taking the mick out of our share issue.

“I’m sure most Hibs fans will see the funny side of it. To get the manager and chairman at the same time is priceless.”

Hibs declined to comment.