Hedge fund manager punched colleague ‘who mocked ginger hair’

Angus Dacker.
Angus Dacker.

A HEDGE fund manager punched a colleague in the face during a work night out – after he was mocked for having ginger hair.

Angus Dacker got angry when workmate David Stewart taunted him during a night out in a West End bar.

Dacker – who is currently working in the tax haven of the Cayman Islands – left his victim with horror fractures.

The 38-year-old former rugby player claimed he was provoked after Mr Stewart had called him “a ginger c***” during a heated conversation.

Mr Stewart was forced to undergo reconstructive surgery to a smashed eye socket and it is thought the injury will take around 18 months to heal properly.

Dacker was subsequently sacked from his position with Multrees Investor Services (MIS) following an internal investigation into the assault.

During an appearance at Edinburgh Sheriff Court on Tuesday, the 38-year-old financial expert was ordered to pay Mr Stewart £3000 in compensation and was also fined a further £1500 after admitting the attack on April 30 last year.

Fiscal depute Anthony Steele told the court Mr Stewart spotted work colleagues inside the West Room bar, in Melville Place, and decided to join them for a drink.

Mr Steele said: “While within he approached each and gave them a hug.

“The accused and complainer were then in conversation, and during the conversation a bar staff member overheard Mr Stewart make a comment about redheads.

“At this point the accused who has red hair has punched the complainer to the face with his right hand – this caused the complainer to stagger backwards.

“The punch was loud enough for others in the bar to look in the direction of the noise. The accused was looking aggressive towards the complainer and told a colleague that he “did not take s***”.”

Mr Stewart headed home but the following morning he had to visit Edinburgh Royal Infirmary after his face had swollen up on the right side.

The pair then had an informal meeting at work the following day and were said to have left things after “shaking hands”.

But after bosses at MIS heard about the bust up they launched an internal investigation and Dacker – who lived in West Werberside, near Fettes, at the time – was subsequently sacked from his position as a client relationship manager and the police were called in.

The court also heard father-of-three Dacker is currently earning around £65,000 as a hedge fund manager in the Cayman Islands.

Defending solicitor Euan Gosney said: “My client was in conversation with others when the complainer interrupted him and I am told by my client the complainer made a number of comments towards my client’s appearance in relation to his hair which were unwarranted and unsolicited.”