Helen Martin: SNP needs to fix our police

Three men were seen with the dogs.
Three men were seen with the dogs.
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I have family and friends who support the SNP, despite not admiring some of the policies, because they believe it is the only party that will always put Scotland first.

The named person scheme isn’t one of their favourites and nor was the Land and Building Transaction Tax (LBTT) that substituted stamp duty.

Now with our single Police Scotland force in a shambolic state with a dire history of Chief Constables, and most officers confiding in friends and family that it’s become a catastrophic crisis, SNP ministers have refused to approve an independent probe to sort it out – probably because it was their idea to roll all forces into one.

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A good, well organised and transparent police force is essential for a country’s welfare. If the SNP hope for re-election they’d better crack on with this investigation.

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