Hepatitis fear after boy hit with used needle

The car park where the young boy was injured. Picture: Scott Taylor
The car park where the young boy was injured. Picture: Scott Taylor
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A SIX-year-old boy is facing an agonising six-month wait to see if he has contracted hepatitis after his friend threw a used syringe at him.

The primary two pupil was playing with two friends near Edinburgh College of Art when they went into a car park with a reputation as a “shooting gallery” used by heroin addicts.

The youngster was injured when another six-year-old boy picked up a discarded needle and threw it at his face “like a dart”.

The boy now asks his mother, “Am I going to die?”, and has been targeted by bullies taunting him by shouting, “Ha ha! you’ve got HIV”.

The incident took place two days before seven-year-old Preston Flores, from Aberdeen, was engulfed in flames as his friends played with a petrol can and lighters on Friday. Preston died this morning at the Sick Kids Hospital in Edinburgh.

The child’s 30-year-old mother, who asked for their names to be withheld, said: “My son’s friend found a syringe lying on the ground. He threw the needle at him like a dart. It was going towards his face but my son put up his hand and it stabbed his finger. He also put his finger in his mouth when it started to bleed.

“I know that car park is used by addicts shooting up heroin and there’s always needles lying about there.”

The youngster was rushed to the Sick Kid’s Hospital and blood samples were taken for analysis.

His mother added: “It will be six months before they find out whether he has contracted hepatitis. They don’t think he could contract HIV from what happened.

“I’ve not been able to eat or sleep. It’s breaking my heart to see my son go through this. I keep thinking, he’s only six, he’s barely lived any of his life. He knows something is happening but he doesn’t understand. He keeps asking if he’s going to die. I tell him ‘no’ but he knows it is serious.

“He’s getting bullied by local children about 14 years old. They shout at him, ‘Ha ha, you’ve got HIV’. He doesn’t understand what they’re talking about but it upsets him.”

A police spokeswoman confirmed the incident had been reported to them.

Last month, security guard Kenneth Bruce, 44, was stabbed with a used syringe while tackling a shoplifter at a Lidl store in Nicolson Street, and faces a six-month wait to see if he has contracted hepatitis.