History lessons as the Science Festival begins

Sarah Thomas, senior events developer and Moments in Time curator. Picture: Ian Georgeson
Sarah Thomas, senior events developer and Moments in Time curator. Picture: Ian Georgeson
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Moments in Time, the Science Festival’s free outdoor exhibition celebrating Scotland’s ­scientific history, opened on Saturday.

A highlight of the two-week festival, the event is part of Scotland’s Year of History, Heritage and ­Archaeology.

Audiences stepping into four iconic police boxes will be transported back in time through a series of immersive snapshots to discover milestones of Scottish ­scientific achievement from the flowering of philosophy and science during the Enlightenment, through the Industrial Revolution, to the globally-connected Information Age.

Each box will focus on a different theme:

n Age of Enlightenment box introduces 18th century poet Alison Cockburn hosting a salon filled with 3D-printed items from the era.

n Grimy and mechanical Industrial Revolution box looks at how the new inventions and opportunities influenced ­contemporary lives.

n The Information Age box recreates a laboratory from Edinburgh University’s Roslin Institute - examine objects in a sterile box where they have to put their hands into gloves and view them through glass.

n 101 Scottish inventions box puts the ground-breaking inventions such as Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone (1876) and A G Barr’s Irn Bru (1901) in the spotlight.

Amanda Tyndall, director of Edinburgh International ­Science Festival, says, “As the Festivals reach 70 it seems ­appropriate to look back at some of the seminal moments in the history of Scotland.

“In 1947, the city went about reclaiming its place as a ­beacon of the enlightenment – a global hub for creative, scientific and cultural excellence, promoting innovation and international exchange.”

Edinburgh International Science Festival runs until 16 April www.sciencefestival.co.uk