Hit-and-run cab driver threw girl in the air

Mara McBrierty saw the driver speed off round the corner after Roxanne was hit. Picture: Jon Savage
Mara McBrierty saw the driver speed off round the corner after Roxanne was hit. Picture: Jon Savage
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A MOTHER whose daughter survived a horrifying hit-and-run just yards from her front door has told how the six-year-old was flipped in the air off the bonnet of the car.

Mara McBrierty, 29, said little Roxanne was “lucky to be alive” after the sickening smash.

She heard tyres screech and a dull thud as she ran into the street where she found the youngster curled up on the ground – and a private hire taxi speeding off from the scene around a corner.

Remarkably, the P2 pupil escaped with minor injuries and was treated in hospital for cuts and grazes. But older sister Shianne, 11, has been left traumatised by the smash, suffering nightmares about the frightening incident.

Today, mother-of-four Mara called for witnesses to the incident on Broomhouse Street North to come forward and for the private hire driver to hand themselves in.

“It happened on Good Friday at around 3pm and Roxanne had been playing outside when I shouted for her to come in,” she said.

“As she crossed the road, a taxi came out of nowhere and clipped her, sending her right over the bonnet of the car and on the road.

“By the time I got there the taxi driver was round the corner. He just drove off without stopping.”

It is not known what speed the driver was travelling but a description of the motorist and his vehicle have been forwarded to detectives investigating the incident.

The Evening News understands that Global Positioning Systems (GPS) fitted to private hire vehicles can record the whereabouts of vehicles and may play a vital role in bringing the driver to justice.

Ms McBrierty, who lives in Broomhouse Street North, said she was “terrified” her daughter had been in “serious danger”.

“I was running along the street and I was thinking she might not survive,” she said.

“The driver didn’t even slow down to check on her.

“By the time I reached her the car had disappeared around the corner and my daughter was lying on the ground.

“She was conscious and had taken it quite well seeing as she had just been hit by a taxi. I think the shock had taken over. Now she tells people she’s a bit sore because she had a fight with a taxi.”

A Police Scotland spokesman said: “We are investigating following a hit-and-run incident in Broomhouse Street North.

“A six-year-old girl was involved in a collision with a silver private hire vehicle at around 3pm on Friday, April 18. She was taken to hospital, however, she only sustained minor injuries.

“The car did not stop following the collision and anyone who can assist is asked to contact police immediately.”