Homeowners rent out parking spaces to visitors

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HOMEOWNERS in Scotland who are tightening their belts are turning to a new way of making money from their homes – renting out their driveways to visitors.

People living near airports and city centres can earn thousands every year by letting strangers park outside their homes.

The company behind the trend says it hopes to attract new customers for the Edinburgh Festival.

Entrepreneur Anthony Eskinazi said: “I have been up to the Festival several times and my sister puts on a show every year. The parking restrictions in the city centre seem to be increasing every single year. The particular problem with Edinburgh is that there are a lot of flats in the city centre and there aren’t that many private driveways or garages.”

Mr Eskinazi’s Parkatmyhouse business now has 150,000 customers offering more than 60,000 parking spaces at 40,000 locations including about 300 in Edinburgh.