How a routine baby check led to a cancer diagnosis

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A new mother was shocked when a routine baby check-up led her to be diagnosed with cancer.

Shiela Laramore, 33, was diagnosed with aggressive Hodgkin Lymphoma, a cancer of the white blood cells, on September 23 last year – when her baby was just eight months old.

Sheila Laramore was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma

Sheila Laramore was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma

After enduring chemotherapy from last October until December and three weeks of radiotherapy in January she was declared cancer free in May.

Mrs Laramore has now been chosen as the face of Scotland’s Stand Up To Cancer campaign, a joint fundraising initiative from Cancer Research UK and Channel 4.

Mrs Laramore, whose son Harry is now one, said: “Nobody should have to worry about not seeing their children grow up.

“When I first learnt I had cancer I just sat there thinking, ‘that’s it. I’m going to die.’ It was very hard to take in and a big shock.

“I kept thinking, ‘Am I going to live to see my baby become a little boy and grow up?

“Harry is my gorgeous, precious little boy and I’ll do everything I can to be the best possible mum for him. If I can make a difference and help others along the way then I’ll do it.”

Mrs Laramore, an RAF Association welfare officer from Dunbar, East Lothian, was 
diagnosed after tests on a lump on her neck.

She had first mentioned the lump at a routine baby check up appointment at her GP surgery only weeks earlier. More tests showed she also had other lumps around her neck and chest which she had not noticed.

She and her husband Gabriel, 31, struggled to take in news of the diagnosis.

However doctors said that although her cancer was aggressive, it was also very treatable, though she was warned that it could affect her fertility.