How did a bench end up on Princes Street church roof?

The bench in position. Pictures: Graeme Sneddon
The bench in position. Pictures: Graeme Sneddon
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A BENCH has managed to mysteriously make its way on to the roof of St John’s Church in Princes Street.

Office worker Graeme Sneddon spotted the high chair from his third floor window yesterday and took some snaps of the unusual sight.

He estimated that the bench must be “about 30 feet up in the air” and had no idea how it got there.

He said: “It’s not like someone could just lift that bench on to the roof – you’d need scaffolding to get that down. I can only see it because my office is quite high up.”

It is understood the Scottish Episcopalian Church believes it was an act of vandalism or a prank and is investigating how it happened. Exactly how to get it down is another matter.