‘Human sniffer dogs’ find drugs

Edinburgh Sheriff Court
Edinburgh Sheriff Court
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TWO drug dealers were snared by human sniffer dogs after cops smelled the pungent strain of cannabis hidden in their bags.

Anwar Miah, 26, and Thomas Barraclough, 17, were detained by officers after they were discovered to be carrying drugs with a street value of more than £5000.

They had been searched because the hash that they were transporting through Edinburgh’s Waverley train station was so smelly.

On Tuesday, the city’s sheriff court heard how the duo, of Bradford, were stopped after walking past two plain-clothed officers at the station.

The British Transport Police officers noticed the strong smell of the herbal drugs in their bags, and stopped the pair.

They then discovered they were carrying cannabis with a street value of £5455.

The officers also believed that the pair were getting high off their own supply, as both appeared to be under the influence of drugs at the time they were arrested.

Miah, a prisoner of HMP Edinburgh, and Barraclough, of Bradford Lane, Bradford, pleaded guilty to a charge of being involved in the supply of cannabis on February 2, 2012, before Sheriff Gordon Liddle.

Depute procurator fiscal Jane Hildrey told the court that the pair were seen getting off a train that had arrived in Edinburgh from Cornwall.

They then walked past the two plain-clothed officers. Ms Hildrey added: “The police noted the overpowering smell of cannabis that was coming from the pair’s holdalls.

“They were stopped by the police who noted that their eyes appeared to be glazed.

“They were cautioned and made no reply. After a search was conducted of the bags, the accused Miah said ‘I’m just a courier’.”

The court also heard that Miah had decided to act as a drug mule because he had a serious cannabis habit and owed a large sum of money to hash dealers.

Sheriff Liddle jailed Miah, who has previous convictions for drugs offences, for 12 months. He deferred sentence on Barraclough – a first offender – until later this month in order for the court to obtain character reports.

Sheriff Liddle warned Barraclough: “It is extremely unlikely that the sentence will be anything other than a custodial one.”