Hunt after wedding ring found near Castle

Jone Sepetyte found the ring close to Edinburgh Castle. Picture: Jane Barlow
Jone Sepetyte found the ring close to Edinburgh Castle. Picture: Jane Barlow
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A hunt has been launched via social media after a gold wedding ring was found near Edinburgh Castle.

It could be that one husband is well and truly in the doghouse after his romantic trip to Edinburgh with his wife of nearly 30 years was soured by the careless loss of his gold wedding ring, with no hope that it will ever be found.

Or perhaps he has not even noticed it’s missing. Perhaps his name is not Christophe at all.

Whatever the story, a mass social media campaign is now under way to reunite the ring, the only clue being the inscription “Christophe Nelly 14-06-1986” found close to Edinburgh Castle, with its owner.

Incredibly, more than 30,000 people have already joined the cause, picking up shop assistant Jone Sepetyte’s desperate plea for information.

She had been walking home at around 6pm on Monday night after finishing work at the cashmere section of the GL Attractions store next to the Castle when she spotted something glinting on the ground.

The 21-year-old, who lives in Gilmerton, said: “At first I thought it was just a bit of a key ring but when I looked closer I realised it was a thin gold ring.

“There wasn’t really anyone else about and I didn’t feel it was right to just leave it there.”

When Ms Sepetyte picked the ring up she realised there was an engraving on the inside.

She said: “I went home and looked the name up on Facebook, thinking they would be quite easy to find.

“But it turns out there are a lot of people with that name and it’s also quite difficult to get a message to someone who you are not friends with, so I realised I would have to try another way.”

Ms Sepetyte told her boyfriend that she was going to post the information about the ring, along with a picture, on her Facebook page, but he was initially sceptical about how effective that would be in spreading the word.

“I’m originally from Lithuania, so most of my Facebook friends are based there. My boyfriend said it was a waste of time me posting it because it would just be seen by a load of Lithuanians with no connection to Edinburgh, but I think he’s been proved wrong!”

Ms Sepetyte’s Facebook post has now been shared 30,000 times as the campaign goes global.

She added: “It hasn’t been claimed yet but I’m hopeful that it’s just a matter of time. I was really amazed at the response and how many people have tried to help out.

“More people are liking and sharing the post every minute, and surely soon someone who knows the owner will see it.”

Along with sharing the appeal, social media users are also now speculating on who the ring belongs to – a person named Christophe Nelly or one half of a couple named Christophe and Nelly.

Ms Sepetyte added: “I just really hope we solve the mystery and I can give the ring back.

“Someone out there must be missing it.”