I can never go back to the house where my cat was killed

David Christie says he can't understand why anyone would want to harm Cleo
David Christie says he can't understand why anyone would want to harm Cleo
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A DISTRAUGHT cat-lover has vowed never to return to the home where he found his beloved pet killed and left hanging by its tail after thieves ransacked his home.

David Christie, 20, said he could not face returning to his flat, in Dalum Court, Loanhead, after he found six-year-old Cleo strung up by her tail.

The devastated bar manager, who found his home trashed and belongings stolen on Tuesday night, said he could never get the image of his pet out of his head.

He told the Evening News: “I walked into the living room and Cleo was hanging on my push [exercise] bar. She was stiff and they had wrapped her tail around the bar. Blood was dripping from her nose. There was blood around the lounge so I think they killed her first.

“I was in complete shock, I wouldn’t think anyone could do that to an innocent animal. She was a lovely cat, never hurt anyone. I just think it is sick. I didn’t know whether to cry or get angry.

“I can never go back to that flat. I’d always see the image of Cleo hanging there when I walked in.”

Mr Christie explained that he did not know why the thugs would have chosen to kill his pet. He said: “I don’t know of anyone with a grudge against me. I work all the time, so I hardly ever go out.

“I was thinking about who might do this, but I don’t have any enemies. The only thing I can think is it was a random housebreaking.

“Apparently my neighbour saw two people hanging about my street just after I left for work at 10.10pm [on Monday]. I had just gone in to feed, water and make sure Cleo was fine. It seemed they got in through my kitchen and bedroom windows. They completely ransacked the flat.

“They stole two mobile phones, a gold watch and my PS3, the games and all the equipment. They also took my passport and all my food.”

He added: “One of the phones had all my pictures of Cleo on it. I hardly have any left.”

Mr Christie appealed for anyone with any information to come forward. He said: “If anybody knows anything, I would be extremely appreciative if they’d come forward and contact the police or the Evening News. My cat was completely innocent and no animal deserves that. The police are doing a postmortem to see if she was killed before or after she was hanged.”

SSPCA Chief Superintendent Mike Flynn branded the attack “sickening”.

He said: “This cat would have been caused a great deal of terror, pain and suffering. We would urge anyone with information to contact police.”

Police are continuing to investigate.