Ian Murray row over pro-independence stickers

: Ian Murray's office. Picture: Jon Savage
: Ian Murray's office. Picture: Jon Savage
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A BITTER spat has broken out after a Labour MP’s constituency office was plastered with pro-independence stickers.

The sticky “Yes” flyers were slapped on Ian Murray’s Minto Street office in the dead of night.

The incident prompted the Edinburgh South politician to announce on Twitter that his office had been vandalised by independence supporters. “I can take personal abuse but it’s getting out of control,” he tweeted.

But “unaligned” political blog Wings Over Scotland was quick to seize on Mr Murray’s comments, accusing him of “smearing” the SNP. The blogger claimed there was no proof the office had been targeted by Nationalists.

Those concerns were backed by Southside/Newington independent councillor Jim Orr, who said Mr Murray’s tweet “smacked of desperation”.

But Mr Murray hit back at the criticism, saying his staff had removed the SNP stickers shortly after they were stuck on his office on Monday night.

He said his tweet had been blown out of proportion, adding: “Wings over Scotland is completely and utterly out of control. Essentially, a dozen ‘Yes Scotland’ stickers were stuck on my windows and doors.”

He added: “It’s completely outrageous.”

Mr Murray said he has reported the incident to his local chief inspector, because he was worried about the “escalating poison” of the independence campaign. He has also called on Wings Over Scotland to remove its claims after he was targeted by Nationalists on Twitter.

He said: “Much of this vitriol and bile followed an inaccurate and unsubstantiated post by a Bath-based blogger who failed to check either the facts or the circumstances of the incident. The responses on Twitter are a very sad reflection of the debate,” he added.

Cllr Orr urged Mr Murray to think before he takes to micro-blogging social media sites such as Twitter.

He said: “My advice for Ian Murray is to use social media to set out his positive vision for Scotland under Westminster rule, although I would argue that his constituents have a lot to gain from a Yes vote, such as the jobs boost that capital status will bring.”

A spokesman for Wings Over Scotland said when their “witnesses” arrived at the scene they were nonplussed as to how the MP had drawn the conclusion he had been targeted by Nats.

The spokesman said: “He hasn’t offered any evidence that the incident happened at all, and certainly none that Yes supporters were responsible for it, despite both sides of his office being covered by CCTV cameras. We call on Ian Murray to retract his unsubstantiated smears against both Wings Over Scotland and the wider independence movement, and to withdraw the claim of ‘vandalism’, as it doesn’t appear to be supportable under the Scots law definition of the term.”

A Police Scotland spokesman said today: “We are aware of this incident and are giving the area appropriate attention.”