In frame for an art bargain at mystery sale

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ART fans may discover it is the best £20 they have ever spent – especially if they end up with a rare collectors’ piece.

But their fortunes will depend on their eye for talent when they buy from a “secret postcard” sale in the city, with no hint as to who created the art work they choose to buy.

The charity event takes place next week at Stewart’s Melville College and will include students’ work as well as pieces from well-known artists, including Sandy Moffat, Janet Treloar, Peter Graham and John Busby.

Each postcard will be available for £20, with some of the creations by professional artists actually worth hundreds.

Charities co-ordinator for the school, biology teacher Laura Lim, said: “The challenge for our art purchasers will be to find either those pieces of work by well-known artists, which could be worth considerably more than the price paid, or to simply choose the piece they most like from the fabulous range that will be available.”

The exhibition, in aid of three schools in Malawi, will display more than 400 postcard-sized art works.

The postcard’s creator will sign their name on the back, but this will be hidden from the buyer until they have handed over their cash.

The exhibition is supported by Edinburgh artist Richard Demarco – who will attend the event – and Friends of the Demarco Art Archive.

Charles Nasmyth, an art teacher at Stewart’s Melville, said: “The exhibition will give the pupils a rare opportunity to have their work exhibited alongside that of well-known reputable artists, so from that point of view it’s very exciting for them. There is a huge range of things, from portraits and landscapes to abstract work and high-quality photographs of wildlife and people.”

The work will be exhibited at the school’s Tom Fleming Centre next Saturday, from 1pm to 4pm.