Inconsiderate parkers slated by fire chiefs

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FIRE chiefs have warned that inconsiderate parking is slowing down crews en route to emergencies in Midlothian.

Lothian and Borders Fire and Rescue is distributing warning cards to motorists in Penicuik to remind them that double parking can cost 
precious seconds during an emergency.

Firefighter and driver Tom McIntosh warned: “Sometimes we have just managed to scrape through because on both sides of the road makes it really, really tight for the tender.

“There have been a few times when we’ve had to reverse and get out another way.

“The street parking also affects our firefighters because we have a retained crew and they need to get to the station as quickly as possible.”

Last year, crews in Edinburgh filmed a fire engine getting stuck on one of the lanes leading from Portobello High Street to the Promenade to demonstrate how crowded vehicles parked too close to the centre of the road can lead to major delays.

In August, fire chiefs hit out at “lazy parking” after double-parked cars severely disrupted efforts to rescue a man from a fire in Hawthornvale, Leith.