Innovative idea offers firms chance to promote business via aeroplane and satellite

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IT is certainly one way to get your company off the ground – buy an advert which is only visible to plane passengers.

Plans are in place which would see huge installations built at Edinburgh Airport, with the opportunity to have a picture of the ad taken by satellite.

Marketing firm High Profile also aims to shun the traditional billboard poster and create panels from materials such as woodchip, chalk or even flowers.

Founder and marketing director Ant Ganjou said: “We’re not looking to do anything like the typical billboard poster.

“This time next year, there will be something at Edinburgh Airport that people will look at when they take off and nudge their neighbour to look at when they land again.”

Edinburgh is one of a number of airports, including London Heathrow, Amsterdam, Munich, Birmingham and Paris, in the running for the new billboards.

Created just weeks ago, High Profile is a spin-off from parent group CURB, which was behind a record-breaking 2500 square metre poster to launch the Michael Jackson’s album, Michael, for Sony Music.

High Profile is in talks with three Edinburgh landowners as part of efforts to find the perfect plot for the installations and aims to have the first in place by March or April.

The firm has also joined forces with the satellite company that provides Google and Bing with their mapping imagery to offer advertisers the opportunity to take a picture of their ad from space.

The images could then be used for press shots, viral content for social media online or sponsorship on airline seat TV screens.

“We would aim to be in the line of sight of 95 to 98 per cent of the planes and we are just trying to decide whether to have two sites to cover both routes of take-off,” High Profile said.

“We have had interest from lots of brands who really want to get people talking. What we want is to create something that brands are really proud of and that welcomes people to Edinburgh.

“Also, it’s not just for bigger companies. We would like to be working with local companies that want to be creating something amazing.

“We are looking at using different types of materials, creating something that is completely zero impact, made of anything from woodchip to chalk to flowers – something that looks as beautiful as possible.”

The company hopes to secure a plot within the next few weeks.