Insulin inquiry nurse sacked over drug theft

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Essex: Two incidents where “bucket-sized” concrete blocks were dropped on to passing cars on the A12 are being treated as attempted murder. A woman, 57, suffered life-threatening injuries when a block smashed the windscreen of a car passing under West Hanningfield bridge. Half an hour earlier, two women were left shaken after a block went through a windscreen at Fryerning Lane bridge. Police are linking the attacks, which happened about eight miles apart.

Bristol: A man whose big toe was attached in place of his severed thumb has had the bandages removed. James Byrne, 29, from Fishponds, cut his left thumb last December while sawing through wood.

After attempts to re-attach it failed, surgeons transplanted his left big toe to his hand. Mr Byrne said the toe was “fantastic” but he had got “mixed reactions” from friends.