Intruder held knife at woman’s throat, court told

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A MASKED intruder held a knife at a woman’s throat in her own home, a court has been told.

Leroy Robinson is on trial at the High Court at Livingston, which heard that a man wearing a black balaclava used a hammer to smash his way through the window of a Silverknowes flat

Robinson denies breaking into the flat in March 2012 and assaulting Tina Gray while he was wearing a mask.

Robinson, 29, is accused of brandishing a machete and a hammer or similar instruments during the alleged incident.

He’s also alleged to have seized Ms Gray by the throat, held the machete to her face, demanded that she hand over drugs and money and tried to rob her, all to her injury.

Miss Gray, 32, a receptionist, told the court that she called 999 after a brick came through her window.

The jury heard a recording of the call, in which she is heard shouting: “Somebody just came through my window with a hammer. I’ve got a broken leg – get him out of here.”

She told the court: “He was at my throat with the knife. He had a balaclava on. I could see his eyes. I remember the smell of him. He smelled disgusting.”

Under cross-examination, she said that the bedroom had been tidied up before scenes of crime officers examined it.

She said she had wrapped a sliver of glass with what appeared to be a bloodstain on it in paper and handed it to a forensics officer.

Scenes of crime officer Robert Young, 38, said the stain tested positive for blood, but that the house returned a negative result after a forensic examination.

Forensic biologist Joanne Dalgleish said the blood spot was a one in one billion match for Robinson’s DNA.

The trial, before Judge Lady Wise, continues.