‘Is Theresa May coming doon?’ Moment Ayr man interrupts Sky broadcast

The moment Faisal Islam is stopped. Picture: Sky News.
The moment Faisal Islam is stopped. Picture: Sky News.
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A Sky News broadcaster got more than he bargained for while filming live at Ayr beach after a curious local decided to make his mark on TV by crashing the shot.

Political Editor Faisal Islam was reporting live on Theresa May’s visit to the coastal town of Ayr when the unknown man casually sauntered into the shot as he was wrapping up the report.

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Main presenter Adam Boulton was then seen struggling to maintain composure as the ever-professional Islam managed to complete his broadcast, even as the man asked ‘is this for Theresa May coming doon’?

It was immediately spotted by eagle-eyed Twitter users, with Rob Dunsmore sharing it with the caption ‘random Ayrshire man never disappoints’.

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Faisal Islam later joked about the incident, saying the man was a ‘true gentleman’ for waiting until he had wrapped up his main piece to camera.

Most thought the moment was funny, with the man’s intervention called ‘brilliant’ and hilarious, with comparisons to famous news gatecrashers like the infamous ned who appeared behind then MSP Cathy Jamieson.