Jack the Kipper set to arrive

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THE world’s most venomous fish species is to go on show at Deep Sea World.

Staff at the North Queensferry attraction have had specialist first-aid training as the stonefish, also known as the goblinfish and the warty-ghoul, is so venomous it must be kept in a secure display.

Stonefish venom is held in glands under 13 jagged spines on its back. Those are so sharp they can pierce a shoe. The fish had to be transported in a reinforced container. Capable of surviving for up to 12 hours on land, the stonefish has caused the deaths of people walking on the beach.

Deep Sea World’s Aisling Thornton said: “Swimming with three-metre-long sharks is a walk in the park when you compare it to the potential danger of these little fish. Our aquarists are taking all necessary safety precautions and have had to undergo first-aid training.”