Jealous thug beat up man over kissing

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A THUG handed out a savage beating after seeing a man kiss his girlfriend.

Facial injuries suffered by George Reynolds were so bad, an ambulance technician with 30 years’ experience said they were among the worst he had ever seen.

Stuart Cameron, of Rowan Terrace, Blackburn, West Lothian, admitted attempting to murder Mr Reynolds, 47, there on July 24.

The High Court in Edinburgh heard that Cameron, 28, was jailed in January 2008 for a similar attack on a man and had other convictions for violence. “He has a big problem with violence as a result of alcohol,” said solicitor advocate Jim Keegan QC, defending.

Cameron was mild-mannered and polite when sober, the lawyer said, and could not remember anything of the attack on Mr Reynolds.

Judge Lord Uist called for background reports ahead of sentencing next month.