Jim Sillars ‘not the same’ without Margo MacDonald

Margo MacDonald. Pic: Phil Wilkinson
Margo MacDonald. Pic: Phil Wilkinson
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Margo MacDonald’s widower Jim Sillars has admitted he is “not the same person” without her.

The former MP and fierce supporter of Scottish independence, who has vowed to keep his wife’s legacy alive, said: “I have never met anyone like her in my life and I never shall again”.

He said of Margo, who lost her battle with Parkinson’s in April last year: “[We] were two halves of one whole. I am simply not the same person without her.”

Mr Sillars - who toured the country with his Margo Mobile ahead of the referendum - has commissioned a portrait of his beloved wife to hang in the Scottish Parliament.

He is also considering setting up an educational foundation in her name for the next generation of activists.

Margo’s Assisted Suicide Bill, which was recently debated by MSPs, has attracted controversy - with one member of the Scottish Council of Jewish communities recently comparing it to the holocaust.

Mr Sillars, 77, said: “To compare it to the Nazis is ridiculous. People have a right to life but they also have a right to die decently if possible.”

He admitted that he “didn’t know if her Bill will go through”.