JK Rowling poses with Scottish Resistance T-shirt

JK Rowling posted the picture on Twitter
JK Rowling posted the picture on Twitter
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JK Rowling today turned the tables on a pro-independence group which sought to make her the target of an April Fool.

The Scottish Resistance organisation claimed the Harry Potter author - a high profile supporter of the Union during the independence referendum campaign - had joined its ranks.

Its founder, James Scott, shared an image on his Facebook group, claiming she was now its latest member and was working on a new book entitled ‘The Fall of the House of Westmonster’.

The accompanying image showed Ms Rowling in a black top with the logo of the Scottish Resistance photoshopped on top.

Just hours later, however, Ms Rowling took to Twitter to say that the doctored image had “made my day.” She then went on to post a picture of herself wearing a Scottish Resistance T-shirt, stating: “They needn’t have used Photoshop.” The message was retweeted hundreds of times.

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Mr Scott later responded to Ms Rowling’s tweet, saying that she was “looking good” in her new garment, to which she replied, “Thanks James!”

It is not the first time that Ms Rowling and the Scottish Resistance, whose organisers describe the group as a “peaceful movement of activists dedicated to restoring Scotland’s independence from the brainwashing power of the Westminster imperial masters.”

Last December, the writer posted a tweet declaring the organisation to be “comedy geniuses” and said she was buying their T-shirts as joke Christmas presents for journalists sympathetic to the pro-Union cause.

The latest exchange prompted a series of good natured replies from some of Ms Rowling’s seven million followers.

One, Black Triangle, wrote: “Congratulations on being magananimous and good humoured with this.” Another, called Stephen, responded: “I’m an Indy supporter, but well played @jk_rowling”