Joined-up thinking

BASED on the teachings of Paul Chek, who runs his own institute in California, the CHEK system encompasses the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of people’s lives, with the focus on how to make sensible lifestyle choices regarding food, water consumption, sleep patterns, goal and priority setting, even how to breathe properly.

As a result the initial assessment takes two hours while a person, who has already filled in the exam-style lifestyle questionnaire, is then asked about medical history, posture, flexibility, strength, primal movement patterns, co-ordination, balance, core strength and nutrition.

A programme is then developed to fit in with a person’s schedule – a one-size fits all approach is not part of the regime. Clients are also given a website account to access their programme, which is updated every four to six weeks.

One-to-one sessions are available for motivation in exercise at the gym, which has no electric machines, but does have a Waterworx cable machine.

Equal emphasis is put on life coaching, managing stress and creating positive lifestyle experiences through making the right mental, physical, nutritional and emotional choices.