Jordan MacKay’s girlfriend ‘heartbroken’ by his death

Murder victim Jordan MacKay and his girlfriend Nicole McKay
Murder victim Jordan MacKay and his girlfriend Nicole McKay
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THE girlfriend of Jordan MacKay has told of the moment she watched his killer plunge a knife in his neck.

Devastated Nicole McKay, 22, watched in horror as Jack Mallon murdered her boyfriend after an argument outside a pub in South Queensferry.

She gave him mouth-to-mouth but he died later in hospital from a four-inch wound to the neck and died later in hospital.

Nicole says she’s hit all over again by his devastating loss every morning.

“I wake up and the awful truth hits me again that Jordan has gone,” she said.

“It is the first thing I think of and I’m heartbroken that nothing can bring him back. Nothing can turn back the clock.

“He was murdered in a cold, senseless killing and we have been robbed of years of happiness.

“I don’t know how I will survive this.”

Mallon, 47, faces a life sentence after he was found guilty of murdering the 20-year-old.

Mallon’s-ex girlfriend Charlene Wilson, 37, was also convicted on a reduced charge of culpable homicide following a trial at the High Court in Edinburgh.

Jordan, a joiner from Kirkliston, and Nicole had been enjoying a night out at the Staghead pub, South Queensferry, when he was attacked in the early hours of July 13 last year.

Wilson, also from Kirkliston, who had been drinking heavily, shouted at Nicole and tried to hit Jordan as they left the pub.

Witnesses told the trial Wilson caused a scene outside and threatened to call Mallon to “get them all done in”.

In crucial evidence, eyewitness Nicole told the jury how Mallon arrived and got out of car before wielding a knife in the air leaving Jordan “holding his neck”.

Today, Nicole added: “We got justice for Jordan but the pain goes on and on. Jordan and I were meant to spend the rest of our lives together and it is a huge struggle to accept we have been robbed of this.

“It is so hard to accept. So hard to take in. Nothing can bring Jordan back.”

Nicole hopes Mallon and Wilson serve life for cutting Jordan’s life so cruelly short.

“The right sentence has to be served,” she said. “Life should mean life. We only want justice.”

The jury delivered its guilty verdict the day before Nicole’s 22nd birthday.

The judge, Johanna Johnston QC, told Mallon there was only one sentence that could be imposed in his case for murder – life.

Wilson could also face a life sentence for culpable homicide.

The judge deferred sentence on the pair, who were remanded in custody, until next month.

Detective Inspector Raymond Brown said after the verdict: “This was a senseless attack on a young man who had everything to live for, and serves as a warning of the dangers of alcohol-fuelled violence and knife crime.

“I hope Jordan’s family can find some comfort in the guilty verdict.”