Judge takes a week to consider rapist’s life sentence

A HIGH Court judge has said he wants a week to consider whether to give a notorious serial rapist a life sentence.

Judge Lord Kinclaven will decide whether Chan Wright, 40, should spend the rest of his life in prison at a hearing at the High Court in Glasgow next Wednesday.

His decision came on the second day of proceedings into whether the Jamaican immigrant, who has four rape convictions, including for an attack in Livingston in 1995, should be handed a life sentence.

On Monday the court heard Wright had been labelled a psychopath.

Crown Office lawyers argue that Wright poses such a threat to public safety that he should be locked up indefinitely.


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The sex attacker was convicted in September 2011 of raping and brutalising three women in the Lothians, Angus and Aberdeenshire over a 15-year period.