Kira Noble prepares for her big flight of life

Uphill battle barely scratches the surface of the journey courageous teen Kira Noble has been on.

Monday, 14th May 2018, 8:16 am
Updated Monday, 14th May 2018, 8:20 am
Kira Noble.

Facing the physical and mental pain and trauma of cancer is more than most people have to cope with in a lifetime – at just 14, Kira has dealt with it three times. And just a month ago her family embarked on another challenge that to many, seemed impossible. A place at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre in Manhattan, New York was Kira’s for the taking. Surgeons at the hospital had hoped to perform a pioneering procedure to remove her tumour – with a price tag of £340,000.

With a staggering level of determination and the unfaltering support of the city behind them, Kira’s mum Aud Noble was able to announce that the target had been reached.

Although the particulars of the path to New York are still being paved the family are overwhelmed by the compassion shown by so many friends, and strangers.

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“We can’t control the direction of the wind but we can readjust our sails to ensure we reach our destination – and we are doing that with the invaluable help of people power behind us,” Aud said. “We reached the magical figure of £340,000 thanks to the kindness, generosity and absolute determination of the people of Edinburgh and the Lothians.

“It is so clearly evident that Kira has touched the hearts of so many people and we just couldn’t ever have dreamed that so many caring and compassionate people would join in our plight and take this urgent appeal to these high heights.

“We are so incredibly grateful to everyone who helped make this happen as we could never have achieved it without you all. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making this life saving surgery happen for Kira.”

The family have booked flights for May 21 and Kira will continue to have her health monitored in the hope everything will go smoothly for surgery on May 23.

Aud added: “Look out New York, #KiratheMachine is on her way. Thank you for taking Kira under your wing, Edinburgh and the Lothians – we think you are amazing!”

Stephen Richards, Chief Executive at Solving Kids’ Cancer, said: “It is astounding how quickly the funds have been raised and testament to the incredible generosity of community. This surgery in New York is Kira’s best chance of living without cancer and you have all made that possible.”

The family’s local councillor Gavin Corbett, who has been involved in fundraising efforts, wished Kira the best on the next stage of her journey. “Sometimes the world can seem like a hostile, divided place which is why it’s been so uplifting to see close-up the generosity, community spirit and love which the campaign to support Kira has shown over the last few weeks. Thousands of people have contributed and given a remarkable young woman the chance to overcome the illness with which she has battled for 3 years.”