Kirsty Brown going radio ga-ga for Australia with Forth 1 cash

Kirsty Brown for real lives 10/04/18
Kirsty Brown for real lives 10/04/18
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WAKING up to discover you’ve just won £10,0000 is one thing.

Realising it means you can take your family on a dream holiday to Australia is another.

Kirsty plans to visit her sister in Australia

Kirsty plans to visit her sister in Australia

Which is what has just happened to mum-of-two Kirsty Brown, who has landed the cash prize in Forth 1’s What Is It, Where Is It Extra competition.

Sponsored by Edinburgh’s Luxury Car Village, the competition was running on Boogie In The Morning between 6am to 10am on Forth 1 across Edinburgh, the Lothians and Fife.

Now the 38 year-old is planning the trip of a lifetime for her two sons, Stuart, 16, and James, seven, her partner Martin, and her mum Lauraine, to visit her sister Amanda who relocated to Perth, Western Australia, 10 years ago.

She said: “Waking up to find out you’ve won £10,000 is completely surreal – it’s a considerable amount of money.

“When you enter a competition like this you don’t imagine you’d ever actually be the one who receives the winning call!

“My lucky stars were shining down on me and I’m so excited and extremely grateful that I have eventually been given the chance to visit my sister on the other side of the world.

“The cost of five return tickets to Australia has always been beyond my wildest dreams but now I can actually make it happen!

“When I heard Boogie and Arlene on the other end of the phone I seriously couldn’t believe it.”

She laughed: “I initially thought it was a wind-up or a late April Fool’s joke.

“However, I’ve checked my bank balance and the money is there. So it really has happened.”

The stunned mum said it would be the only way the trip could ever have happened. She said: “Financing a family holiday can be very expensive and our usual annual breaks are to visit friends and family within the UK.

“The last ‘big holiday’ destination we had was to Legoland in Windsor about five years ago! So being able to plan a trip to Australia is unbelievably exciting for us all.”

Kirsty says she’s cracking open a bottle of bubbly to toast the win.

She said: “I listen to Forth 1 every morning and I’ve been doing so for decades.

“My little boy James and I dance to all the songs as he’s getting ready for school.

“Boogie, Arlene and Marty have me in stitches every single day with their banter.

“They are extremely entertaining to listen to and I often have tears of laughter rolling down my cheeks.”

Forth 1 Breakfast presenter Boogie said: “Kirsty is a brilliant winner and we’re so happy that Forth 1 and competition sponsor Edinburgh’s Luxury Car Village are able to help make her dreams of visiting her sister in Australia come true for Kirsty and her family.”