Lap dancing club offers performances for charity

The girls at the Burke and Hare are offering half-price dances to raise cash. Picture: Getty
The girls at the Burke and Hare are offering half-price dances to raise cash. Picture: Getty
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IT is poles apart from your typical Sunday afternoon charity fundraiser.

But organisers of this weekend’s fun day at the Burke and Hare are hoping their “guilt-free” lap dances will bag plenty of cash for a worthy cause.

The famed establishment in West Port is offering cut-price lap dances for all punters.

And anyone can go and enjoy a saucy session – minus the moral quandary – as all of the money raised will go to help provide financial help to a seriously injured friend.

A spokeswoman for the club said they wanted to do “something a bit different” from the traditional tea and scones to help out their friend, who has asked not to be identified.

She said: “I don’t know if it’s an Edinburgh first but we thought it was a great way to raise money for charity.

“All the girls are getting a bit nervous now as it’s nearly here but we’re hoping it will go really well.

“If we get half the interest that we’ve had on Facebook then we should raise a lot of money for a great cause.

“Lap dances are usually a tenner so anyone that comes down is getting a bargain. It’s open to absolutely anyone.

“The aim is just to have a fun day out and it is certainly not going to be your average 
Sunday afternoon.”

But the ruse has been questioned by some who claim it is simply a ploy to get into people’s “good books”.

Jacq Kelly, chairwoman of campaign group Edinburgh Hollaback, said there were maybe better ways to give to charity.

She said: “This begs the question about why men would feel guilty about receiving a lap dance in the first place.

“Giving a few quid to charity may salve their conscience in the short term but if they feel guilty about visiting lap dancing clubs in the first place they should probably examine the choices they make.

“We know women are more likely to experience street harassment in the vicinity of lap dancing clubs.

“This isn’t just about what takes place inside the clubs, but the attitudes that spill into our streets.”

Ann Wigglesworth, secretary of Tollcross Community Council, who has spoken out against the gaudy decor of some clubs, dismissed the event as a 

In summer we revealed how clubs face a crackdown under a new law proposed by the Scottish ­Government, giving councils the power to ban sexual ­entertainment venues.

Some believe this has left clubs under increasing pressure to gain public favour.

“They are trying to popularise pole dancing clubs by trying various gimmicks,” said Ann.

“People are trying to make a more it a more acceptable service but I don’t think the public will see it that way.

“We all know what goes on inside these places but our argument has always been that things like their window decorations and posters are not suitable for young children walking past.

“Issues like this are what are making the clubs a big point of discussion.”

The event is not ticketed and will run from 2-7pm.