Laptop theft: Files of 45 pupils taken

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THIS is the second time in just a few months the city council has had electronically-stored sensitive data stolen.

In July this year, the council admitted that around 45 files containing the details of truant pupils had been stored on a computer which was stolen from the home of a teacher.

The parents of pupils from Broughton High School, Granton Primary and Forthview Primary were informed about the theft.

In 2001, the personal details of more than 100 patients were stolen from accident and emergency at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.

The documents contained personal details of 106 patients, including names, addresses, GP contacts and dates of birth, and were understood to have been lifted from a reception desk.

Some files also had medical records attached

Details released in 2010 showed that Edinburgh council saw unencrypted personal data on around ten individuals was lost when five laptops were stolen from a children and families establishment.