Leader comment: Mortonhall tribute is one we can never forget

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For those living each day with the searing pain of losing a child, we can hardly begin to imagine their hurt.

The anguish felt by those caught up in the appalling Mortonhall baby ashes scandal is harder still to appreciate.

Hundreds of local families are in that horrendous position of never knowing the final resting place of their children.

The scandal, first revealed by the Evening News five years ago, has rightly led to a full inquiry and legislation to ensure something similar can never happen again.

For the victims, a memorial garden was opened in the grounds of the crematorium but some parents, understandably, have said they can never go back.

Which is why today we report on the chosen design for a second memorial in the city centre.

Situated far away from the crematorium in Princes Street Gardens, it will be somewhere families will often visit, take a moment to reflect and remember those who never had the chance of life.

We love the idea of how it adopts the adage ‘elephants never forget’ and that both children and adults will be able to interact with it - to clamber on it, hug it..love it.

A fitting memorial to ensure we never, ever forget.