Legendary series revamp

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Super Street Fighter IV - Arcade Edition (12)

HERE, a legendary series goes one step further with classic 2D Street Fighter action, a host of new and returning characters, more advanced online sharing options, new ultra combos and much more.

It’s got that magic formula of instant appeal, throwing you quickly into the fast and furious fighting action, while also providing the opportunity for more serious gaming scrappers to refine their fighting style.

An arcade classic gains even higher status at home! PS3, £29.99

Cubic Ninja (3)

Hero must save princess. Heard it all before? That’s the challenge facing the Cubic Ninja as he flips and kicks his way on to the 3DS for an action platform adventure that is intriguing as much as it is frustrating.

The tilt-only control option is one that proves extremely enjoyable in the early stages as you try to guide your lead character through level upon level laden with traps and enemies out to thwart you.

It’s a different story later in the game, though, where the difficulty is at such a point that you’ll be tempted to chop your 3DS in half on numerous occasions. A few deep breaths later, you’ll love how the level design option allows you to right those development wrongs with your own creations which can be shared and downloaded via QR codes. A bit of a martial arts ‘marmite’ offering, you’ll either love it or hate it. Nintendo 3DS, £29.99

Playmobil Top Agents (3)

PLAYMOBIL Top Agents gives kids of three and up the chance to get stuck into a classical Sixties Spy Thriller setting where the Good Guys, aka “Spy Team”, fight Dr Evil and his “Robo Gang” (the bad guys) as they battle for world domination.

It’s an entertaining adventure aimed squarely at the young ‘uns, but parents can be pleased with what’s on offer here for their kids. Nintendo DS, £29.99

Virtua Tennis 4 (3)

AS is customary for this series, each year it serves up a smokin’ ace, offering the usual high quality on-court simulation with all your favourite players available as playable characters.

While the likes of motion-sensing and 3D compatibility are left to the consoles, the addition of the new World Tour mode and Match Momentum in-game feature adds a psychological edge, making incredible comebacks and more confident powerful play possible. PC, £29.99

Sonic And SEGA All-Stars Racing (7)

A KARTING classic in the making, All-Stars Racing is just what the handheld doctor ordered. And the sheer speed you’ll hurtle round the tracks sings out Sonic’s stand-out characteristic and makes this a welcome addition to the hedgehog’s franchise family. iPhone, £2.99