Legionnaires’ victim back after emergency treatment

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A GRANDMOTHER who became a victim of the legionnaires’ outbreak and was airlifted to a hospital in England for emergency treatment has returned to the Capital.

Anne Bennett, 60, was transferred to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary from Leicester’s Glenfield Hospital on Sunday after doctors brought her out of a coma they had induced to boost her chances of survival.

Family members of Mrs Bennett, who suffered multiple organ failure after she was struck down by the deadly bug, said today they were “delighted” that the gran-of-two, from Gorgie Road, had made it back home.

James Bennett, 62, Mrs Bennett’s brother-in-law, said: “Her being up here will make it a lot easier for us. Her husband, Frank, is a lot happier. But we’re still trying to get information from the hospital.

“She’s not out of the woods. She’s still on the life support machine and she’s being fed by drip.”

Almost a week has now passed without a new case being reported. Yesterday was the sixth consecutive day that the number of cases has remained at 99.