Lesley Hinds slams power of the ‘faceless’

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“Faceless” officials have too much power within the city council, Edinburgh’s transport leader Lesley Hinds has said.

She told a summit called to discuss how the Capital should look once the trams are running that council officials appear to take decisions over the heads of elected politicians.

The summit heard Edinburgh was being held back by flawed transport plans, a “mismanaged” planning system and an “almost Third World vision” for its city centre.

Leading architects and developers took part in the debate which also heard the city was slipping badly behind rival cities due to a lack of clarity about major developments, slow decision-making and the power wielded by a handful of objectors to major projects.

Cllr Hinds said: “I don’t think anyone can underestimate how much damage has been done to the city’s reputation by the tram project.”