A letter from Lesley Hinds: Facts lost in debate over Roseburn bike link

I would urge your readers to take account of the facts about the City Centre West to East Cycle Link scheme (CCWEL), rather than be misled by claims made by Pete Gregson of the Roseburn Vision (Letters, Deceber 13).

Thursday, 15th December 2016, 1:43 pm
Updated Saturday, 17th December 2016, 8:41 am
Lesley Hinds . Picture; Ian Georgeson


The council’s Future Transport Working Group will meet to determine a number of outstanding design options for the scheme tomorrow, which will inform a final decision due to be taken by Director of Place Paul Lawrence, under delegated authority granted by the Transport and Environment Committee when it approved the overall scheme in principle back in August.

The CCWEL is about creating a crucial link between QuietRoutes in the north and west of Edinburgh through the city centre to Leith Walk, making it easier to walk, cycle and take public transport into and across town.

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Some of the outstanding issues in the design related to Haymarket, while others concern the area around Roseburn Terrace.

In terms of Roseburn, two options, A and B, have been discussed at great length by the stakeholder group specially formed to help finalise the outline design for the overall project.

To tackle some of the claims made in Pete Gregson’s letter:

1. Recent roadworks by ScottishWater. These cannot be used as a comparator, since only one lane was provided east and west-bound, whereas in Option A there will be space for two lanes in each direction.

2. Loss of parking and loading. Although there will be around 43m less loading provision off-peak, 52m will be retained (enough for 10 cars/small vans). The loss of off-peak loading/unloading facilities would be offset by a gain of 24m of loading provision during the peak periods – something which is not currently available for the businesses on Roseburn Terrace. Ten metres of parking provision (equivalent of two cars) would also be gained during the peak periods.

3. Bus stop. The traffic modelling took into account buses and the modelling showed the effect of two or three buses queuing at the stop on Roseburn Terrace. There is capacity for three buses to queue and Lothian Buses have no concerns about the proposals at the stop.

Furthermore, we do not accept Mr Gregson’s survey findings as reliable evidence as the survey appears to have been carried out on an unscientific basis.

We’re extremely grateful to all members of the stakeholder group for the time and effort they’ve put in throughout this process and we’re confident a decision will be reached on tomorrow which best meets the needs of all road users, local residents and traders.

Councillor Lesley Hinds, Transport Convener, Edinburgh City Council