Letter: Trams have sleepwalked their way into a nightmare

LAND OF NOD: A tram worker enjoys forty winks
LAND OF NOD: A tram worker enjoys forty winks
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I HAVE been observing the activities of those involved in the tram project in Leith Walk, Haymarket, Shandwick Place and Princes Street.

Never in all my life have I witnessed such a badly run project. There is no obvious planning and organisation, no obvious continuity of work and certainly no sense of urgency.

I have seen groups of men standing about talking, men on mobile phones, men leaning on barriers and shovels, men walking around with no obvious goal in mind and men standing about watching others work.

It was wrong of the SNP to put up £500 million of taxpayers’ money and not take control of this project.

It is hardly surprising that the project is running behind schedule and way over budget.

L C Horsburgh, Caiystane Avenue, Edinburgh

Split would deal wind farms blow

THE problem with all the Donald Trump coverage is that it is obscuring the fact that the wind farm lobby admits that it needs millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money to even exist.

In Denmark, wind power makes a loss – and elsewhere in the world energy bills soar to pay for it.

In addition, with the UK Government going cold on wind power an independent Scotland would lose our biggest current market for electricity – the 60 million people in the rest of the UK.

Scotland only has a population of five million – this would mean huge rises in electricity bills to subsidise wind farms.

Dave Cochrane, Spottiswoode Street, Edinburgh

Calendar Girls was date to remember

READING the review of Calendar Girls (News, April 25) I cannot believe your critic was at the same show as me and my workmates, family and friends, all of whom had a great night.

To rate it “average” was a complete insult to the wonderful cast.

I can vouch for the fact that the audience was 99 per cent female, so why send a man to review it – just because there might have been a bit of flesh on show?

It’s about the WRI – is he a member? I can assure you we all laughed until the tears rolled down our faces, each actress was perfect and I feel very sorry for them if they read this hurtful review.

“No Subtlety” was the headline – I feel that missed the point, it was never meant to be subtle, that’s why it was so poignant and very, very funny.

Lesley Henderson, Edinburgh

SNP didn’t answer hustings invite

GEORGE Gordon accused me of not having sent him an invitation to a hustings at Royston Wardieburn Community Centre (Letters, April 26).

He also accused me of trying to promote my own political views by using a community event. I am not affiliated to any political party

A request was made to the SNP asking for a representative to attend the hustings, but there was no response.

Who is George representing? Certainly not constituents within the Forth Ward.

Anna Hutchison, Crewe Road West, Edinburgh