Letter: Trump should be welcomed as ally and son of a Scottish mother

US President Donald Trump. Picture: Getty Images
US President Donald Trump. Picture: Getty Images
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Scotsman reader (DR) Charles Wardrop, from Perth, believes we should be welcoming Donald Trump to Scotland instead of protesting against him.

The Scotsman’s reports on mass, multiple demonstrations against President Trump’s visits are own goals for the UK, including Scotland.

One must ask why, practically, they are protesting, who benefits, who is encouraging them to oppose the visit of the head of state of our closest international ally and why this whole protest effort is being mounted?

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Individuals and groups in a free society are, of course, ­fully entitled to protest, ­preferably spontaneously, against ­people and things they ­dislike, but there are dangers of “group think” and excesses in the behaviour of crowds and mobs, incompatible with ­civilisation and humanity.

President Trump is a ­controversial figure, disliked by many here and in his own country because of his ­conduct and right wing policies, but, in clearly working for his nation’s greater prosperity and standing, is doing what politicians and national leaders are elected to achieve rather than win international popularity polls. Is he so ­fundamentally different from other guests invited to our shores that his visits should incur such extravagent hatred?

This son of a Scottish mother has been voted president of our closest and strongest ally, with widely shared commercial and military interests and interdependence.

Therefore, should we not be showing him more ­civilised good manners than your reports today anticipate?

After all, he has not done us harm and could help us realise our proper national objectives.

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