Letters: Appalling parking charges will drive off beach-goers

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THE proposals to introduce parking charges at beach car parks in East Lothian is appalling.

There are many local people – elderly, like myself now – who simply cannot walk as far as the beach or the top of the dunes area from their homes. If they wish to walk their dog for perhaps half an hour, are they to pay £2 for the privilege?

Families will be unable to cart all their beach gear without a car. Do we not pay high enough council tax without this?

What about the disabled – will they not be able to sit in the car park and admire the view for free?

Many – such as a wheelchair-bound friend of mine who visits four to five times yearly – love to sit and admire the views from some of the beach car parks and can’t keep paying £2 to sit for an hour by the sea.

Come on, think again about this ludicrous scheme.

Mrs Pat Morris, Hopetoun Terrace, Gullane, East Lothian

Motorist miffed at whopping fee

I RECENTLY visited a show at the Playhouse and parked my car in the nearby NCP Greenside car park.

On entering, I was aware that there were no obvious tariff indicators anywhere so I had no idea how much I would be paying when returning to my vehicle. After the show I entered the pay station area of the car park and it soon became apparent why no tariff indicators had been available.

It is no doubt because any sane driver would avoid the car park like it was the plague.

In the queue ahead of me I could hear the squeals of disgust from some people in front.

When it was my turn at the machine, I also felt like squealing once I realised how much I had to pay. The cost flashing before my eyes was £14.50 for just over four hours’ parking.

There surely must be some legislation available to force car parks to show clearly the prices on each entrance.

Kenneth Elliot, Redhall Road, Edinburgh

Stevie deserving of special credit

I READ your article about a fantastic young man called Stevie Duff (News, June 7).

Aged 44, he unexpectedly died. I didn’t know Stevie particularly well, but he coached my amazing son Ruari in wheelchair basketball.

My son has spina bifida, and if it wasn’t for people like Stevie, most children would not be given the chance to excel in sport of any kind.

Many thanks for helping my son, Stevie Duff – always remembered.

Malcolm Logan, Dean Park Gardens, Balerno, Edinburgh

RHS-bound drivers should moo-ve it

THE other day I was held up in some of the worst traffic I’ve seen on the M8 in ages.

What was the problem? Vehicles queuing up, especially buses from schools and college, to visit the Royal Highland Show.

What is it with these people? Have they never seen cows or sheep before?

Thank goodness it’s only once a year!

M Wallace, Meadowpark Avenue, Bathgate