Letters: As adults bicker over school, pupils lose out

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I WAS disappointed to read about the spoof Hitler internet video mocking Portobello Park Action Group (News, November 28).

What a pity that this is the level of “debate” between the factions opposed over the site for a replacement for Portobello High School.

If this is the way adults are acting then heaven help the children who are, let’s not forget, the ones who are the most affected by this combustible situation.

While the people behind the spoof video postings are contemptible, I do not think PPAG can claim to inhabit the moral high ground.

It is this group, after all, who have prolonged a situation to such an extent that a generation of children have now had their secondary school education delivered to them in an old building which is long past its best and is not fit for purpose.

While the opposing groups drag out what looks like an obsessive war of attrition, it is the pupils who are suffering.

What a pity some people don’t seem able to see beyond the end of their noses, unaware of or unwilling to contemplate the greater good of people in the area.

Andrew Morris, St Leonard’s Lane, Edinburgh

Issue ought to have been sorted years ago

The new Portobello High School could and should have been up and running a couple of years ago, built on the existing site, which is larger than Musselburgh Grammar.

These people behind the Hitler video spoof have ignored the law and have no grasp of Portobello’s past, and would create a concrete jungle and a death-trap location.

Tommy Taylor, Joppa

So what if Scotland is forced out of EU?

The independence White Paper issued by the SNP makes it clear that Scotland will remain in the EU if we vote ‘Yes’.

But I do not understand why politicians are hell-bent on remaining in the EU when it is run by a bunch of unelected idiots who spend money like confetti at a wedding.

So no matter how we vote in the independence referendum, we are stuck in the EU and that stinks.

Alan Lough, Boroughdales, Dunbar, East Lothian

Don’t be fooled into thinking they care

Like many others no doubt, I was naive enough to believe the ‘deep concern’ expressed by Westminster politicians worried about the fate of poor Scots should they attain independence.

Then when it was revealed that 90 per cent of oil revenue would accrue to Scotland in the event of a ‘Yes’ vote, I realised the truth.

Instead of concern, they are absolutely incandescent that oil revenue would be diverted from the Treasury to Edinburgh, and are galvanising a ‘No’ campaign to stop it happening.

Let no-one be fooled for one moment that they care one iota about Scotland and its people. They never have in the past, so why now?

Anne Gritton, Glen Drive, Dyce, Aberdeen

Scare stories cannot be allowed to win

The ‘No’ campaign is at it again, claiming Scotland is the only country in the world unable to take control of its own future.

One wonders how other small countries such as Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Switzerland manage.

This is not about Alex Salmond and the SNP, this is about our future and our children and grandchildren and what legacy we leave them.

But the ‘No’ campaign will say and do anything as part of ‘Project Fear’, which is so bad it even claims we won’t see Doctor Who on TV.

Vote ‘Yes’ for a better tomorrow and forget all the scare stories.

J Hill, Stenhouse Avenue, Edinburgh

Who will represent the Scots overseas?

Edinburgh Central SNP MSP Mark Biagi claims that, in the event of independence, there will be an influx of foreign diplomats representing foreign powers in Edinburgh. But this, of course, would be counterbalanced by Scots diplomats going on foreign assignments.

I would welcome suggestions as to which leading lights of the SNP should be nominated to represent independent Scotland in Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Moldova and Vanuatu.

Norman Bonney, Palmerston Place, Edinburgh

Don’t forget to feed and water the birds

AS winter is now upon us, I hope members of the public won’t forget to put out food and water for our feathered friends.

Many birds and also other wild animals perish at this time of year and many more cold days are ahead of us in the months to come.

Water is as vitally important as food. There are many species of delightful birds who are visitors to our gardens at this time of year which are a joy to see. They all need food and water to survive.

June Fleming, Hercus Loan, Musselburgh

Is it racist for children to play with Barbie?

A GOLLIWOG is a parody of a black person. A Barbie doll is a parody of a western teenager. Is it racist for a black child to play with a Barbie?

A Dashington, Edinburgh