Letters: Bad name stuck

Former pub has been demolished
Former pub has been demolished
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I READ your article “Notorious pub demolished to make way for food store” (News, October 13).

I drank and socialised in the “Duddy Mull”, and the people were great.

I originate from Glasgow and went into the pub on regular basis with my in- laws and made very good friends with lots of the Niddrie locals. I believe it was a pub which had a name in the past which wrongly stuck.

All the staff over the years were sound as were all the customers.

People of Niddrie are in my experience a great bunch.

Gerry Guthrie, Glencroft Road, Glasgow

Culture of neglect in care of elderly seems endemic

FIVE years after I complained about the treatment of both my elderly parents in the care of NHS Lothian, it is very sad to read yet again about the culture of neglect in the care of the elderly (News, October 9).

My complaint took a year in the NHS system, during the difficult period of bereavement, before I was told “we are sorry for the distress you feel”, without accepting any responsibility that the actions of NHS Lothian were the cause of our distress.

Following the complaints procedure was tortuous and upsetting. I suspect many relatives may not have the stamina at a stressful time to make a complaint and pursue it, so that many are not even recorded.

Unless responsibility is acknowledged so that lessons are learned and systems may be changed for the care of the elderly, the neglect and ill-treatment my parents received will be repeated again and again.

It appears little has changed in five years. NHS Lothian’s nurse director’s response to the inspection of the ERI is simply not good enough.

Why is there no robust system in place to ensure basic elementary nursing care, and for older patients to be treated with compassion, respect and dignity?

It seems the institutional tolerance of poor standards of care for older patients is endemic in NHS Lothian.

There appears to be a covering-up of misdeeds in the care of the elderly, when we read yet again of the distressing events in NHS Lothian.

Jan Graham, Trinity Road, Edinburgh

Cameron makes my blood boil

IT makes my blood boil when the utterly incompetent David Cameron tells us all that no-one cares more about our armed forces than he does.

Oh really?

Thanks to his brutal spending cuts our armed forces are being stripped to the bone and no less than 20,000 personnel are to lose their jobs in the next year.

If this is the definition of a man who cares so deeply about our armed forces, then I’m the Queen of Sheba’s long-lost grandson.

Alan Lough, Boroughdales, Dunbar

Appalling slogan is so appealing

I SEE that the city leaders have rejected the slogans put forward by Marketing Edinburgh (cost unknown!) to promote the Capital.

I enjoyed the Edinburgh Evening News headline “New slogan for the Capital ‘is appalling’”.

I think that any visitors who have been to Princes Street, Haymarket, West Maitland Street, York Place, Leith Street, recently destroyed by tram works, will agree that “Appalling” is a perfect slogan for our once beautiful city.

Ian McLaren, Bramdean Rise, Edinburgh

The collection of waste is rubbish

I WONDER if you have received many complaints or comments about the appalling irregularity of bin collections in central Edinburgh.

Our bin bags (Manor Place) have not been collected on the correct, scheduled bin collection day for the past six weeks and I have had to call the council’s call centre to complain, but all to no avail.

Sue Bruce ignores my e-mails – ironically the only reply I have received was from her assistant saying that Sue was on holiday and someone called Mark Turley, with the grand title of Director of Services for the Community, “would look into the matter as a matter of urgency”.

That was a month ago and nothing has improved. I have received no reply to subsequent e-mails.

Why do we pay council tax?

Simon Rawlins, Manor Place, Edinburgh