Letters: Bank on residents to get canalside revamp right

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I WAS delighted to read a community-led group, the Fountainbridge Canalside Initiative, has been set up to provide a local perspective on the massive development taking place at the east end of the Union Canal (News, February 15).

Over the last 15 years the canal has shifted from being an embarrassing eyesore to a real asset for the city.

It is crucial that this investment and careful development is not thrown away on a glass ‘n’ concrete development that will not pass the test of time.

We only have to look at the Springside development just across Fountainbridge, standing empty for years now, as an object lesson in getting development wrong.

The fact that the council’s own company EDI is leading the development of the site should, on the face of it, offer new opportunities for the community to be involved in shaping how the area looks and feels.

But the test will be how much EDI listens to and absorbs the exciting community ideas which have already emerged.

Gavin Corbett, Briarbank Terrace, Edinburgh

Shed idea for bike storage centres

I WAS pleased that people are being encouraged to take up cycling but puzzled that residents often struggle to find safe places in tenement flats to keep their bikes, resulting in the need for on-street bike sheds (News, February 15). I have lived in tenements all my life and was a cyclist for 18 years.

I did not struggle to find a safe place for my bike as it was kept within my own flat, therefore giving consideration to my neighbours.

I question what makes the tenement-dwelling cyclist of today different from that of yesteryear?

D Nicoll, Comely Bank Place, Edinburgh

Home rule? If we lived in Brussels

Can anyone explain how taking Scottish sovereignty away from Westminster and giving it to Brussels is “independence”?

Jim Taylor, The Murrays Brae, Edinburgh

Emergency lane will stay in place

FURTHER to Dr Connolly’s letter of February 14, I can confirm that an emergency access lane is and will continue to be available during the course of the West End works.

The plans for the works and associated traffic management have been shared with all of the emergency services and these were agreed and signed off by the police.

With regard to the tram works and the impact this may have on the West End businesses, a series of drop-in sessions and meetings have taken place with local residents and businesses to give them up-to-date information.

Our action plan includes a targeted marketing campaign, improved signage and a parking loyalty scheme.

This is being funded by the council’s “Open for Business” budget, which will see £175,000 invested directly into driving footfall towards the West End.

Gordon Mackenzie, transport convener, Edinburgh City Council