Letters: Brown has a cheek to warn us over pensions

BBC Scotland logo. Pic: Staff
BBC Scotland logo. Pic: Staff
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Gordon Brown warns in his Better Together speech of the dangers of a split on pensions.

This is the man who destroyed final salary pension schemes, then he raided our pensions when he taxed them, and sold 400 tonnes of gold for next to nothing.

He gave us PFI schools and hospitals that will never be ours. Just look at one example, Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. We have to pay £40 million a year to the private firm that built it.

Brown ruined our economy and we are all paying for it in cuts in services and benefits after 13 years of Labour government. After listening to him and Alistair Darling, I will be voting ‘Yes’ on September 18.

Harry Bain, Malbet Wynd, Edinburgh

Making us aware of Capital’s MS services

It’s the start of MS Awareness Week (28 April-4 May). I help manage a centre in Edinburgh which provides support and treatment for people suffering with MS. I hope this day will highlight to sufferers and their carers that there is real help to be had and we can attract more members to the centre.

The MS Therapy Centre in Leith is a charitable venture and is the only place of its kind in the Lothians. We provide hyperbaric oxygen therapy which greatly relieves the symptoms of MS for many sufferers. We also have in-house physiotherapists and have complementary therapists who work in the centre.

We currently support around 200 people but I am confident there are many more people out there who could have a better quality of life if they only knew what help was available to them.

Scotland has the highest incidence of MS in the world and if this week encourages just one more person through our doors then, to me, it would have been a success.

Nancy Campbell, Operations Manager, MS Therapy Centre, Bonnington Road, Edinburgh

Role model Sandy will be sadly missed

I WAS saddened to read of the death of former Hearts and Scotland footballer Sandy Jardine (Tributes flood in for Hearts icon Sandy, News, April 25).

I remember meeting Sandy many times at club functions and after matches and he was never less than the perfect gentleman. His manner both on and off the pitch was the very definition of the phrase ‘role model’ and it is something that many of today’s players could learn from.

He is obviously remembered as a legend at Rangers due to his 15 years of service there but, even though was nearing the end of his career, his performances for Hearts were always steady and assured, and he served the club magnificently.

My only regret as a Jambo is that I didn’t see Sandy lifting the League championship trophy in 1986 as his displays that year deserved nothing less. It was, and remains, a privilege to have seen Sandy pull on the maroon jersey and I’m sure he will be remembered when Hearts play Rangers next season.

Allan Davidson, South Gyle, Edinburgh

Vote Yes for end to need for food banks

Recent figures from the East Lothian food bank showing 500 children needed its services in the past year underline the human cost of the UK Government’s austerity agenda. Those who need to ask for food will tell you they feel a real loss of dignity and self-respect.

Added to that, rent arrears in East Lothian have increased by £132,000 in the past year since the slashing of housing benefit, aka the bedroom tax.

Despite the appalling local impact, the austerity agenda is supported by the Labour opposition, who even agree with the Coalition’s draconian cap on the welfare budget.

Those of us who want to see a just society should look to the Greens, whose ideas on a basic income, better housing and well-paid jobs would help reverse the appalling inequality being embedded by successive Westminster governments.

We could look to other countries, like Denmark, where people enjoy a better quality of life and a fairer sharing of wealth.

We should seize the opportunity in September to say ‘Yes’ to independence, take responsibility for taxation and social security, and shape a more caring welfare state. Continuing to cope with chaos created by others makes no sense.

Russell McLarty, Sanderson’s Wynd, Tranent

Attacks on Salmond are getting ridiculous

the attacks by sections of the press on a democratically elected Scottish Government and its First Minister are truly appalling.

We are told it was Alex Salmond who invented wind farms; it was his idea to blow up Glasgow’s Red Road flats; and it was he, not George Osborne, who cut billions from the Scottish budget.

Any day now I expect to hear that Alex Salmond is really Sixties Scottish serial killer Bible John. It gets more childish every day.

We Scots will not be bullied by the press, all we want is truth, not lies.

William Baxter, Old Dalkeith Road, Edinburgh